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KidderLit is a fun way to discover new books and authors. Every morning, while sensible people are sleeping, the folks at KidderLit and its sister site TwitrLit are hard at work, combing through the stacks of the local library. Why? So that when you wake up and rush to your computer, there will be a new literary teaser waiting for you. Every morning we'll post the first line of a young adult or children's book here at The trick is that we don't tell you what the book is or who the author is. To find out, you have to click the link to be taken to the book's page on Amazon.

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    "A whole hill of hungry ants, their faces all aglow, came swarming from the forest to cross the field below."
Posted on 08-19-14 | Permalink | Posted under Ages: 4-8
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    "It was Grandma's birthday, and for a special treat she took Katie to the art museum."
Posted on 08-18-14 | Permalink | Posted under Ages: 4-8
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    "'Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass.'"
Posted on 08-17-14 | Permalink | Posted under Ages: Young Adult
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