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First lines are chosen for KidderLit because they are interesting in some way. They're gripping or well-written or funny, or they come from a surprising source. And some are selected and posted on KidderLit to celebrate special occasions--holidays, birthdays, newsworthy events (read more about this). You can browse KidderLit's thematic entries using the pulldown menu in the sidebar.

Ages: 4-8

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    "Some people think cats don't know much--but I, Big Mama Cat, know how to tell time."
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    "Down by Bristlecone Bay, where the wifflefish play, Mr. Crocodile, Esquire, is planning his day."
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    "There are many different worms."
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    "Here is the key to the house."
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    "Charlotte Jane the Hearty came howling into the world with the sunrise."
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